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Ubique is a Gamification platform for Rehabilitation

Ubique is a Gamification platform for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is boring, repetitive and could be painful. Sometimes, the patient needs clinical devices which are not always affordable. Gamification is the approach helping the patients to follow the therapy when they are not enough motivated.

Ubique is an exhaustive gamification platform for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The platform contains hardware sensors which are easy to put on all joints. The sensors send real-time information concerning the movements of the body to a tablet, cellphone, computer or …   The software receives data and uses them to control a video game. Artificial Intelligence methods process the data in order to oblige the patient to follow the exercises. Moreover, all data and information would save on a Cloud to allow to follow the progress of the patient.

The platform is affordable, utilizable at home, and could be used for Cerebral Palsy children, adults after Stroke and Physiotherapy.

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